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Castle Hotel Napajedla Napajedla, Napajedla Accommodation

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Hotel Napajedla Chateau Napajedla Chateau - accommodation in Napajedla Chateau in Napajedla near Zlín ...

Do you know how people lived in castles nobility? You have a unique opportunity to try it out! Feel free to visit LOCK NAPAJEDLA. Enjoy your life with all your senses. Discover the ease and comfort in a castle hotel wellness hotel waterholes.

Napajedla Chateau is beautiful "home boutique" hotel, which is unique of its kind in the Czech Republic. Opening its doors to YOUR WISH every Friday, Saturday and Sunday (on request at any time).

Drinking bowls Castle Hotel offers a unique experience that you will enjoy all the senses. You will enjoy not only unique accommodation in the castle, which is a historical monument and revives things new, contemporary, but at the same time that you can enjoy peaceful moments and "dolce far niente" - it's simple and plain doing nothing. Delight in this site you will find those who want to spend their time actively - in the castle grounds are tennis courts, a golf driving range or indoor golf, nowrdic walknig, close to bike path, Bata Canal and many other activities. If interested, will prepare a special plan of spending time at the castle and its surroundings.

Within the Castle Hotel Stay in areas where previously slept Napajedelská nobility. You walk through the halls, after which he studied with the family of Batumi, which before the war owned the chateau. Floor room, the floor life. Right here you will feel the sense of what it is "live" on the lock and with everything that goes with it. You can use the castle as if you were here at home - after all, it is also our endeavor to make you feel at home and free from all worries of daily living.

Hotel Chateau Napajedla - castle accommodation in Napajedla: The castle rooms are built in the main floor, where in the past they used rooms of the nobility. Rooms are decorated in an unusual "eclectic style", which combines history and modernity, old things with new, expensive with inexpensive, but all generally creates a perfect whole. Rooms proposes owner of the castle Mrs. Eva Gajdošík who is convinced that in order to create a pleasant environment are not important only the most expensive pieces of furniture or equipment. It seeks therefore to rediscover fabrics, old furniture, decorations, chairs, which have their own charm, subsequently complemented by modern features that give the rooms a contemporary twist. We are the first in the Czech Republic, who in this way arranges the interiors of serving the public. It should be noted that an important aspect of looking at interior is recycling and re-use old things. This effort is led by the idea of ​​compliance with the environmental aspects of our lives. Then again, says Ms. Gajdošík, "people long forgotten, that to create a pleasant environment is not only important to have expensive furniture. It is often cold, impersonal, and often it is just a sign that proclaims. In doing so goes the old mesh smoothly with a new, modern with historic, expensive with cheaper and you should not be afraid ", since the effect of these different combinations is the perfect unit that operates on humans. And that is our goal. In our rooms you can perceive the world with all their senses. Starring colors, fragrances, energy and flowers.

Type of rooms
2 bedroomApartment

Furnishings of rooms: bathtub, shower, toilet in room, TV

Basic information: Information service, medical services to hand, depository bicycle, non-smoking rooms, reserved parking Lot, locking car park, supervised car park, massage salon, Internet Connection

Number of floors: 3

Elevation above-sea-level: 200

Accessibility of facility:

Spa services:

Spa services: Castle Wellness Hotel


Description of restaurant: Gastronomy: Bring your life to life! Discover the world of Napajedla Castle that brings you better things to life.

Gastronomic experiences can be enjoyed on the ground floor of the chateau, which is devoted to tastes and aromas. You will find harmony for your body and mind through delicacies and beverages that will serve you in a perfect chateau environment.

A balanced diet is the cornerstone of a healthy life. High-quality raw materials for food preparation should be a matter of course. At Napajedla Chateau, we offer "slow food" dishes, From local raw materials or from organic raw materials. Here you can taste the best tastes and scents prepared especially by the chateau lady, whose great passion is cooking, which you can also see on our cooking courses.


Romantic castle café is open every Friday from February to December every Friday - Saturday - 10.00 am - 22.00 am. You can enjoy not only coffee, tea, but also homemade juices, various types of must. For coffee, we offer you a classic homemade castor sauce or home made desserts. Look forward to our special menu or delicacies.

CULTURAL HOLIDAYS - family celebrations, birthday parties or friends with friends

The chateau restaurant is a unique setting in which you will feel as if being cured from the ordinary world reality. All your senses will enjoy the beauty of the environment, flavor and aroma. You can look forward to traditional and untraditional dishes, which are very often prepared by the chateau lady or by our invited chefs. You will enjoy various dishes from different parts of the world, but also Moravian classics. For the preparation of dishes, we use mainly "slow food" raw materials - ie from local raw materials or organic raw materials. Very often, meat, vegetables and other products are purchased at local certified small farmers, which promotes the quality of prepared meals. You can also find products from Tuscany (wine, marmalade, olive oil, etc.), which you can also buy at the castle. We prepare fresh dishes based on the season and the biorhythm of our body. We are preparing only dishes of gourmet and local ingredients, so all family celebrations, sitting with friends, meeting business partners, etc. are on request - see contacts. If you are interested in booking, do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to prepare a perfect family celebration, romantic dinners, meetings of business partners, etc. For these pleasures not only the rooms of the ground floor of the castle, but also the lounges in the historic rooms of the castle are used.


You want to dazzle your clients, or just enjoy your counterpart. So do not hesitate, go to the Chateau in Napajedl. In the spirit of our motto "Let's look together for a better life", there are also our "Gourmet Evenings", where we try to offer gastronomy, which not only looks beautiful but also tastes good. Our chefs, together with somellers, prepare a variety of menus to show you how wonderful to eat dishes with selected wines.


Are you planning a family celebration, meeting friends or just wanting to enjoy something good in the home? We are ready to prepare for you. We put emphasis on the wishes and individuality of our clients and we are happy to prepare small unconventional entertainment that we will bring to your table to your home. It is indifferent whether it is home-grown, Italian chicken on wine or classic candle.


Like every year, the Napajedla mansion is preparing cookery courses for its visitors. These cookery classes are conducted by professional chefs, but also by the chateau lady. Courses of cooking are held in the magnificent castle kitchen and each course is also a pleasant social gathering for all involved. So if you can not cook, then believe that you will surely learn it


Napajedla Castle - CONFERENCE & TRAINING: Corporate events / conferences and family celebrations full of experiences

Now you have a unique opportunity to stay in the 18th-century mansion, which is located at the western end of the ten hectare park, above the city, where three regions meet. So you are at the heart of events, in a place that you can reach but at the same time away from the worries of everyday life. Napajedla Castle - this is the perfect standard for meeting your business meeting ideas. It is open to your wishes whether you choose for a corporate event, conference, corporate training, management sessions.

Napajedla Chateau is in a very accessible location within the Czech Republic or Slovakia, located close to Zlin and Uherske Hradiste. So do not hesitate and come to us ...... We look forward to you.


Have you prepared a perfect project, product, service for your clients? You are waiting for a decisive presentation, and just choosing a place can be an imaginary "cherry on the cake" that will decide. Check how beauty can help your success.
Give new impetus to your management.

You know it: you will prepare the usual strategic meeting of the company management or the negotiation with the business partner. Even if you are dealing in a closed office or meeting room, you are constantly influenced by the company's routine - the fax, e-mail, the economist wants you "really just for five minutes" ... Give your strategic thoughts peace and space. You will know how to act outside your business, in an inspiring environment, to help your concentration and move you forward. Just choose one of the chateau lounges with all the service, and who knows - when you go for a good lunch in the chateau park, there is a "big idea".

Lounges for meetings or presentations including the chateau menu can be ordered three days in advance.
Get your employees.

Employee training, teambuilding ... Employees need to be constantly educated, supplying them with further work and at the same time strengthening the team spirit of your company. These are the ideal study rooms on the ground floor of the castle. Your employees will certainly appreciate that you will show their respect by not having to study in harsh, cold classrooms. For all the events that take place in the chateau we offer chateau spaces for rent: historic halls on the first floor, lounges and a café on the ground floor of the chateau, castle cellar with wine shop, castle park.

Teambuildingy a bit different .......

At Napajedla Chateau you can organize trainings, business meetings or parties. For these events, Napajedla Chateau offers you the use of a golf center - indoor and outdoor, tennis courts and also the chateau kitchen where ala teambuilding cooking classes are held. Try adrenaline cooking and see how your team can work together :-). As part of the teambuilding activities, it is also possible to visit the current exhibitions in the castle or the wine gallery.

Napajedla Castle is a place that offers a variety of uses both in the interiors of the castle and in the exteriors - the chateau park.

Family celebrations, graduations, birthday celebrations ....

Are you celebrating a family celebration? Do you or your children have your birthday? Or do you just want to sit with friends with good food and drink in a pleasant environment? So do not hesitate. At Napajedla Chateau we will prepare you any tailor-made celebration according to your wishes and ideas. Together with you, we create a unique menu, arrange decorations, entertainment for the event or music. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Types of family celebrations:

- Hostina at the Countess Countess, Angel Party, Meeting with Baltazzi, French Dreaming, Italian Romance, Australian Fragrance, Tasting Tour of the Chateau, Enjoy the Life and Abundance of Food and Wine ....
Castles for rent:
HISTORICAL SALES - 1st floor of the castle

Mirror Hall (108 m2)
Dutch lounge (62m2)
Baroque lounge (54 m2)
Dining room (101 m2)
Pink Lounge (25 m2)
Green lounge (20 m2)
Rent the entire castle at the event.

The capacity of the first floor is about 200 - 500 people. Within this above-ground floor there is also a social background.

LOUNDS - ground floor of the castle

Lounges on the ground floor can be used for training purposes, company meetings, workshops, press conferences, as well as private events such as birthday parties, weddings, etc. These lounges on the ground floor of the chateau are newly renovated and each has a capacity of about 30 to 40 people. All events in Napajedla Chateau are provided on a turnkey basis or in agreement with the client. The price of the lounge rent on the ground floor is 150, -CZK / hour. Other services upon request of the client.

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

Date2 bedroomApartment
1.1-31.121700 - 28003900

Currency: Czk

Price includes:
Sale/ payments: Accommodation information: CASTLE NAPAJEDLA. GET BETTER LIFE AND STILL WILL HELP ALL. THE CASTLE HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY THE "HOME BOUTIQUE HOTEL", WHICH OPENS ONLY ON THE FRIDAY, SOBOT AND SUNDAY. On other days the lock is only open to order - it concerns accommodation, restaurants, corporate events, romantic stays, training, golf centers, etc. The price of accommodation includes: Accommodation in comfortable double rooms with social facilities. The price is always per room and for two people, breakfast is included in the room rate. Chateau breakfast in the Golden Lounge, within the room rate. Breakfast time: 8.30 - 10.00, or individual, according to agreement. Free parking in the chateau complex. Natural essences in the room free of charge. Drinks and small in-room snacks are included in the room rate. Wifi in the room free of charge. Free wake-up service. Cot for up to 3 years free of charge (no meals). Extra bed up to 15 years 500, -Czk / person / night with breakfast, extra bed for an adult 700, -Czk / person / night with breakfast.

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BOOKING - Non-binding order

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