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Pension ROMANA Podhájska Podhájska, Podhájska Accommodation

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Pension Romana Thermal Spa Podhajska - Accommodation in Podhajska ...

We offer accommodation in a quiet village Podhajska, which are thermal baths with mineral water, which was discovered in 1973rd Podhajska lies in southern Slovakia near New Šurian and locks. Hot water, reaching 1900 meters in depth to 83 ° C contains 6.7 g of cations and anions 11 g in 1 liter. Its composition it is the quality of water from the Dead Sea and is unique of its kind in Europe.

Thermal water is salty, healing effects on people suffering from diseases, bronchitis and respiratory diseases. Water occurs element lithium, which helps treat gout, also are iodides, which stimulate thyroid gland. Water is represented by the active compounds of calcium in post-fracture, the bromides are also mitigating painful conditions. Thermal water is unique in the world operate well to people suffering from rheumatism, circulation and joint diseases, persistent back pain. Are represented sulphate, which help to treat eczema.

The bath does not create any bulk disease, such as saltwater bacteria item to immediately destroyed and not allow their propagation.  Swimming pool is open, allows excellent swimming in the winter months.

Type of rooms
2 bedroom3 bedroomAdditional bed

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, shower, toilet in room, TV, cable TV, internet Connection, Computer Available, shared fully equipped kitchen, fitting, crib available, Fireplace, sink in the room

Basic information: non-smoking rooms, reserved parking Lot, locking car park, Internet Connection

Number of floors: 2

Description of vicinity: Podhajska one of the oldest villages in Slovakia. Village itself was founded in 1960 by merging the municipalities and Svätuša Belek. The first written mention of village Belek is from 1075th Materials and documentary chronicles show that the two municipalities are among the oldest settlements in Slovakia.
There are 2 churches, leisure area in the village of Belek, area kindergarten, primary school, health center, post office and renovation of the railway station. The summer season is summer cinema. The best-known attractions include the village area pools with thermal water. The entire area is currently no industry to pollute the air and therefore feel good here and people with respiratory disease. Beautiful woods around Podhajska also offer interesting hiking trails throughout the year. Trails can visit historical sites around the village, for example. ruins of the monastery Paulínska Marianska Čelade and so on. Surroundings Podhajska meets the demands of even the most demanding visitors. Beautiful woods around Podhajska offer interesting hiking trails throughout the year. In addition to spending time in swimming and the use of ancillary services is the opportunity to visit several cultural, historical and natural attractions.

Suggestions for hikes: Wir empfehlen Ihnen die Seiten als Marian Familie, Burg, Brhlovce, Banská Štiavnica (35km) Arborétum Mlyňany, New Locks (25km), Topolčanky.

Accessibility of facility:

Name of train stop: (1,3 km)

Airport name: (141 km)

Bus terminal name: (400 m)

Railway station name: (1,3 km)

Store: (300 m)

Thermal spa: (950 m)



Sport activity opportunities:
Bowling (4 km), Sports hall (4 km), Fittness (1,1 km), Tennis hall (4 km), Tennis-court (1 km), Horse riding (14 km), Squash (14 km), football pitch (0,5 km), Ice hockey stadium (25 km), Boat rental (15 km), Billiard (0,4 km), Darts (v penziónu), Golf (17 km), Ski lift (12 km), Ski rental (15 km), fishing tackle rental (15 km), Bike routes

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Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person

Currency: Eur

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Pension ROMANA PodhájskaPension ROMANA PodhájskaPension ROMANA Podhájska
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