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Pension Energy I Podhájska Podhájska, Podhájska Accommodation

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Pension Energy I Slovakia thermal resort Podhajska - Podhajska accommodation..

Boarding house Energy I is situated directly near the rare thermal spring of Podhájska. Three-storey building has a capacity of 55 beds and 10 extra beds divided into 23 rooms and 3 comfortable apartments. The dining room provides boarding for all guests of Energy I. There is also possibility to choice vegetarian meals. The spaces of dinning room can be used (out of the time for serving meals) as a social room . There is an area of thermal lido in a immediate proximity of the boarding house Energy I with several thermal and swimming pools, rest and sport area.

Room equipment: 2 beds, 1 extra bed, Own toilet, Bathroom (shower), Radio and Television Apartment equipment: 2 beds, 2 extra beds, Own toilet, Bathroom (bath), Radio and Television, Refrigerator Therapeutic part of boarding house offers: possibility of visiting indoor pool with thermal water directly from the thermal spring , using balneotherapy baths and w

ide offer of massages. There is a non-stop bar for spending of pleasant moments. Except accommodation, restorative and remedial services we offer additional services (for surcharge): Guard parking area, we assign guide for public trips to Arboretum Mlyňany, basilica in Ostrihom, Brhlovce - Stone dwelling, Komárno- Square of Europe, hairdryer, individual program according to your choice (wine tasting parties, demonstration of combat art, barbecue parties, dance parties), manicure, chiropody, badminton, bicycle Therapeutic procedures: we are the only one boarding house, which uses thermal water from geo-thermal spring, for procedures.

There are sitting pool and balneo- therapeutic baths for all customers. indoor sitting pool, baths- balneotherapy, the temperature of the water is 37oC in bath, water could be enriched, with aromatic matter and oil, on your own choice, massage-baths, the temperature of the water is 37oC in bath, water could be enriched, with aromatic matter and oil, on your own choice. 1. Sparkling bath 2. Hydro-massage bath Massage services: Massage effects: relieves psychic strain and stimulates comfort, alleviates pain and muscle strain, stimulates blood circulation and accelerates excluding waste substances, beneficially effects balance of the whole body Regenerative massage: back and neck, legs, whole body, relaxing massage, therapeutic, Pressure point massage, combined massage relaxing and Therapeutic massage, back and neck, whole body Lymph, drainage massage: whole body, partial, lymph, drainage of face, acupressure massage of feet.

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV, radio

Basic information: Information service, medical services to hand, reserved parking Lot

Accessibility of facility:

Thermal spa: Podhájska (10 m)


Description of restaurant: The Restaurant is situated in proximity of thermal spa of Podhájska. The stylish rustic restaurant is opened in spaces of the newly built Energy II in its basement. The Menu consists not only of wide offer of traditional Slovak specialities, but also International Cuisine enriched with the venison specialities. Wine experts can taste the best-branded wines from our region. Ordinarily we organize wine tasting parties, too. The interior of the restaurant Energy II with capacity of 75 persons is suitable also for family and company events or various celebrations. The newly built terrace of the restaurant gives you the opportunity to absorb the fresh air and enjoy pleasant moments with the delicious food from our kitchen, wide offer of alcoholic, soft drinks and draught beer. The agreeable atmosphere can also be complemented by commissioned live music.

Restaurant: (Seating capacity 75)


Congress services:
Safety box

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person
1.1-31.1221,58 - 26

Currency: EUR

Half-board price: 4,40
Full-board price: 3,50
Price includes:

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Pension Energy I PodhájskaPension Energy I PodhájskaPension Energy I Podhájska
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