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SPA Hotel Francis Františkovy Lázně, Františkovy Lázně Accommodation

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Hotel Francis Ruská Františkovy Lázně - accommodation in Franzensbad..

Francis – Family Spa Hotel: The foundations of the building which at present houses the Francis Hotel were laid already in the 19th century. Though the series of unfortunate events in the 20th century had a harmful impact on the spa and also the house itself, both the town and the building have retained their well-built foundations and therefore, we were able to open our hotel in March, 2004.

Francis – Family Spa Hotel - accommodation: All of the rooms have their own social facilities, a hairdryer, refrigerator, radio, Satellite TV and a phone with a direct dial option and and Internet connection for free.

Why should you choose our hotel: Due to the excellent location of the hotel, you need just one minute to arrive to the modern aquatic centre "Aquaforum", just two minutes to get to the local theatre and five minutes to get to the main spa colonnade.Even if our spa town is known to be very peaceful and safe area, we do our best to enhance the safety of our guests. All public areas are monitored by video surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.

Spa Triangle: The neighboring spa towns of Františkovy Lázně, Karlsbad and Marienbad create the world-famous "Westbohemian Spa Triangle". The town of Františkovy Lázně is situated in the midst of a densely forested area, at 440 m above the sea level, in the western part of the Cheb Basin, and in the centre of the historical Cheb region. The local climate is mild, of foothill character.The abundance of natural curative resources within this territory is really to be admired. 21 mineral springs, the emission of mofette gas and rich deposits of sulphate-ferrous peat bog.The curative springs used in the spa treatment have been thoroughly inspected in terms of their composition, temperature and discharge. They are effective in the treatment of urologic disorders, in the improvement of metabolic function, digestive tract function and the locomotive organs disorders.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroom

Furnishings of rooms: rooms in balcony, shower, toilet in room, safe, frige, TV, telefon, radio, internet Connection, sat tv, minibar, sink in the room

Basic information: barrier-free Access, secretary services, medical services to hand, parking lot, massage salon, Internet Connection, restaurant

Credit cards: EuroCard/MasterCard, Maestro, Visa

Description of vicinity:

Františkovy Lázně: The spa town Františkovy Lázně has gained an international reputation due to the presence of curative springs – discover at least some of them. We will be glad to give you further information on which springs are the most effective and at the same time the most enjoyable ones.

Spa mineral water has been thoroughly inspected in terms of its composition, temperature and discharge. It is effective in the treatment of urologic disorders, in the improvement of metabolic function, digestive tract function and locomotive organs disorders. Mineral water in the area of Františkovy Lázně belong to the so–called cold alkaline-sulphated Czech–type acidulous waters. The average amount of dissolved substances is of 5g/l, that of carbon dioxide is of 2,5 g/l. The average temperature is of 11 °C.

Suggestions for hikes:

Historic Monuments in Františkovy Lázně:

Church of the Assumption of the Holy Cross This Catholic church was built in 1815-19 as a plain single nave Classical structure in the Empire style. Located in the centre line of Jiraskova street it faces the Glauber Springs Hall.

Evangelic Church
The church of Pseudo–Roman style was designed in 1875 by architect Karl Haberzettl.

Orthodox Church of St. Olga
This central structure with five bulbous cupolas and a projected tower was built according to the plan of G. Wiedermann in 1887-89.

House No. 7 – U ZLATÉHO LVA (Golden Lion)
A two-storeyed house from 1805. It is famous for a temporary stay of Ludwig van Beethoven in 1812.

New Colonnade and gas baths
This central structure with a pyramidal roof and a covered colonnade was built in 1912 by G. Wiedermann as a parallel to the Old Colonnade which, unfortunately, burnt out two years later. The paintings of sphinxes and the use of Egyptian symbology in general are associted with the Classical Empire style of Napoleon period. The Mary’s Spring inside, an emission of gaseous carbon dioxide, is used for carbonic baths.

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (20 m)

Spa services:

Description of spa facility:

Medical Checkups

Entry Medical Examination: At the beginning of spa treatment, our clients are required to see the doctor. They are subjected to a thorough examination, including blood pressure measurement, inspection of the locomotive system, and if necessary, EKG examination as well. The clients are then prescribed an ideal treatment based on the results of the overall xamination.

Control Checkup: You can also see the doctor during your stay (eventually if any health problems come up). During this checkup the doctor examines whether the client is adherent to the prescribed treatment and eventually suggests some alternative procedures.

Spa services: Spa Hotel / House

Therapeutic procedures: Inhalation, Electrotherapy, Dry gas baths, Gas injections, Paraffin therapy, Bubble baths, Massages, Underwater massages, Natural additive baths, Peloid mud wraps, Drinking therapy

Examination procedures: Check-up by Physician, Entry examination by physician including instructions for patient, EKG

Treating diseases of indication: Digestive organs, Motion organs, Kidneys and urinal tract


Description of restaurant:

The way to experience a great spa stay is through one's stomach! Let yourself be inspired by this Winston Churchill’s Quotation, hold your steps, visit our cosy hotel restaurant and enjoy some of the delicious specialties from our cuisine.Every day from 10:30 am to 9:00 pm, we will do our best for your complete satisfaction. You can choose from the "A la carte" menu or the Buffet menu.The restauarant as well as toilets have barrier free access.Our guests will certainly appreciate our rich buffet type breakfast and the three–cours lunch and dinner (appetizer – main course – dessert). They have a choice between half-board or full-board.

Every Friday, our hotel holds a gala dinner where you will enjoy an array of world cuisine meals, or, in summer, you can join us for a grilling party on the garden terrace. If you are on diet or prefer certain type of cuisine, our cooks will do their best to meet your wishes.


Sport activity opportunities:
Golf, Bike routes, Centre summer sports, Mushrooming

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

Date1 bedroom2 bedroomApartment
1.1-31.12850-9501400-15001500-1650 (SUPERIOR)

Currency: CZK

Price includes:

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SPA Hotel FrancisSPA Hotel FrancisSPA Hotel Francis
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