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SPA Teplice Spa hotel Beethoven Teplice, Teplice Accommodation

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Spa house hotel Beethoven Teplice v Čechách - accommodation and treatment in SPA Teplice..

Spa Hotel Beethoven SPA Teplice v Čechách: The Beethoven Spa building is a part of the historical heart of the city. It originated through a sensitive, architectonic joining of the different, original spa buildings. It is located in a peaceful area of Teplice, surrounded by an extensive park. The nearby Sadové (Orchard) Spa building also belongs to the Beethoven’s Spa.

Spa Hotel Beethoven SPA Teplice v Čechách - Famous guests: Individuals such as L. van Beethoven, R. Wagner, J.W. Goethe, F. Chopin, F. Liszt, A. von Humboldt and many others were successfully treated here.

Spa Hotel Beethoven SPA Teplice v Čechách - Treatment: The Beethoven Spa is above all specialized in treatment of the locomotive system, post-traumatic conditions and damage to veins, nerves, bones and tendons. The range of treatments in the Beethoven Spa involves teaching people the right kind of life style and preventing diseases according to the latest knowledge of world medicine.

The following diseases are treated at the Beethoven Spa:
Diseases of the locomotive system of an inflammatory or degenerative origin
Afflicted muscles, ligaments and fascia
Vertobrogenic syndrome diseases
Post-operative conditions of locomotive organs
Traumatic vasoneurosis
Conditions following inflammations of the circulatory and lymphatic systems

This spa building is also equipped with ECG, X-ray and all necessary medical and diagnostic equipment.

Spa Hotel Beethoven SPA Teplice v Čechách - Accommodation: Our guests have 193 single and double rooms at their disposal. They are equipped with a shower, toilet, telephone, refrigerator and television with satellite programs.

Board: A spacious cafeteria serves the guests of the spa. Meals are prepared under the supervision of dietary specialists and are rounded off with an offer of vegetable salads according to one’s own selection. Buffet-style breakfast, lunch and dinner is available for a fee. Upon request meals may be served on order.

Spa Hotel Beethoven SPA Teplice v Čechách - Other Services and Information: It is possible to pay for your stay with VISA, EUROCARD, and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards. Further services: exchange office, parking lot, wine bar, snack bar, relaxation room, beauty salon, hair salon, bike rentals, bathrobe rentals, information centre.

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV

Basic information: lift, Information service, medical services to hand, paid shuttle, safety box, reserved parking Lot, WI-FI, restaurant, Non-smoking environment

Credit cards: American Express, EuroCard/MasterCard, Visa

Accessibility of facility:

Spa services:

Description of spa facility: SPA resort Teplice v Čechách - Spa Treatment: The main treatment source are thermal springs, rising from porphyry layers. The source of the Teplice thermal mineral waters is characterised as natural, slightly mineralised, hydrocarbonate-sulphate-sodium type with a high level of fluoride and a slight trace of radon. The thermal springs “Pravřídlo” (Primary Hot Spring) and "Hynie" Spring are used for spa purposes. The thermal water has a temperature of 39-44°C (102°-111.5° Fahrenheit).

In all spa houses, the springs are used mainly for treatment of locomotive organs and vascular diseases. Based on medicine and balneology, treatment of post-traumatic conditions and treatment of children with hypokinesia as a consequence of injury to the central nervous system has brought good results. Occupational diseases caused by vibration are also treated successfully.

Spa services: Spa Hotel / House, Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Complete in-house therapy, Emergency medical care service, Oxygen therapy, Yoga, Inhalation, Electrotherapy, Dietary therapy, Gas injections, Recuperative swimming, Therapeutic physical training in swimming pool, Therapeutic physical training, Bubble baths, Massages, Underwater massages, Reflexology, Natural additive baths, Peloid mud wraps, Natural thermal baths, Drinking therapy, Salt cave

Examination procedures: Entry and exit examination by physician, Check-up by Physician, EKG

Natural therapeutic sources: Thermal water, Peloid mud

Treating diseases of indication: Circulation organs, heart and vascular diseases, Nervous disorders, Motion organs, Mental disabilities

Other types of therapy: Acupuncture, Sleep, Relaxation walks

Spa stays:

Name: Classic health cure

Number: 296

Description: Services:
full board
21 procedures per week (Monday to Saturday) to the doctor\'s recommendation, Sundays without treatment
Medical inaugural and final examination
1 x weekly checkup (valid for stays of 15 nights or more)
1 x daily free admission to the rehabilitation thermal pool for 1 hour
Drinking cure "Biliner Sauerbrunn" without cups
bathrobe hire
The-counter applications with price discount (20% discount from the retail price
The prices are in EURO per person per night.
Minimum stay 7 nights

Amount of days: 7

Price of accommodation:
3.1 - 30.12Císařské lázně73 - 8969 - 85Eur 
3.1 - 30.12Hotel Beethoven65 - 8161 - 77Eur 
3.1 - 30.12Kamenné lázně65 - 8161 - 77Eur 


Description of restaurant: Let yourself be carried away by the atmosphere of our genus loci – the Beethoven Restaurant. The charming environment of Teplice Spa inspired even Ludwig van Beethoven himself to write a letter to his ”Mistress“, where he reveals deep recesses in his heart. The relationship to this unknown woman had influenced both his life and creative work for many years. We can say that he never forgot this woman, till the end of his life. We would like to invite you to our restaurant to enjoy this symphony of colours, smells and flavours – come to the place where Beethoven was creating his works.

We offer specialities in international cuisine and a high quality selection of domestic and foreign wines. The chef recommends “Charles de Gaul” pork tenderloin" and gritty mustard sauce served with creamy potatoes and roasted Brussels sprouts with the bacon aroma, chased down with a following delicious wine – the excellent Chilean Casillero del Diablo Carmenere. For ladies and gentlemen with a sweet tooth we recommend the ice cream cup created according to their wishes.

The restaurant proud of being included in the Maurer’s selection of Grand Restaurants – an independent guide to the best assessed restaurants in Prague and in the Czech Republic. You will appreciate the pleasant and calm environment of this restaurant when organizing your company presentations, as well as family celebrations, but also when planning a romantic dinner for two as it has a separate little parlour and the summer garden restaurant. We look forward to preparing the restaurant and the menu for you according to your wishes and requirements.


Sport activity opportunities:
Schwimming-pool, Sauna, Solarium, Whirpool

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

Date1 bedroom2 bedroomApartmentApartmentApartment
1.1-31.121 269 - 1 7011 161 - 1 5932 511 - 2 943 (Beethoven)1 269 - 1 701 (Comfort)2 376 - 2 808 (Apartment)

Currency: CZK

Price includes:

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SPA Teplice Spa hotel BeethovenSPA Teplice Spa hotel BeethovenSPA Teplice Spa hotel Beethoven
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