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SPA Teplice nad Bečvou SPA hotel Bečva
Name: sdílet SPA Teplice nad Bečvou SPA hotel Bečva na Facebooku SPA Teplice nad Bečvou SPA hotel Bečva
Street: Teplice nad Bečvou č. p. 63
City: Teplice nad Bečvou
Zip Code: 753 51
County: Přerov
Region: Olomoucký kraj
Mountains / Region: Beskydy - Javorníky - Valašsko
Recreation centre: SPA Teplice nad Bečvou
Country: Česká republika
Capacity: 96
Type: Spa sanatorium
Star rating: 3
Price from: 760 CZK

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SPA sanatorium hotel Bečva- SPA - Teplice nad Bečvou...

Spa sanatorium hotel Bečva - is currently only offered to clients of health insurance companies, if you are interested click on the accommodation request, where you can also choose the online term. fill in the data and send us an offer to the hotel Moravan.

The Spa Teplice nad Bečvou
belongs to the most famous spas in the Czech Republic. It specializes in the top cardio rehabilitation for clients with the emphasis on prevention of heart and brain attacks.

Thanks to the pleasant spa surroundings and professional orientation we want to improve the quality of life, health condition, physical and mental capacity and physical condition of each client. All this we can reach by a natural healing source, professional curatively preventive cardio rehabilitation and spa care using the latest curative and educational methods.
Our long-term experience and individual approach help the clients to improve their health condition and quality of their life and also to find the way, how to make their lifestyle healthier and how to find and also keep the life vitality.

The top cardio rehabilitation centre of European quality. Comfortable spa sanatorium Bečva in functionalism style is located in the heart of spa Teplice nad Bečvou in the valley of Moravian Gateway on the bank of the Bečva river, surrounded by Zbrašov aragonite caves and adjacent parks of the spa Teplice nad Bečvou.

It provides its clients with the top thorough services of the cardio rehabilitation centre of high European quality with individual approach of all staff. (Echogram, ECG, spirometry, spiroergometry, practice ergometry, Ergo Line, inhalation, bio lamps, electrotherapy, vacuum compressive treatment, diathermy, Vasotrain, magnetotherapy, exercising in a gymnasium, individual exercising, water cure, carbonated baths, gas baths, massages, paraffin etc.) 95 beds of 1st category are avilable for the clients (18/2 rooms and 60/1 rooms with corresponding equipment), high-quality cuisine with the choice of 9 diets, Bečva coffee bar (70 seats, terrace 100 seats) with a week-long service.

Type of rooms

Furnishings of rooms: shower, toilet in room, TV, telefon

Basic information: exchange, Information service, medical services to hand, non-smoking rooms, reserved parking Lot, massage salon, Internet Connection, cosmetic Salon, barber - hairdresser

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Accommodation Price-list:

DatePer person

Currency: CZK

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Spa services:

Description of spa facility:

Indication adults:

  • states after suffered heart attacks 
  • states after cardioperdicarditis and endocarditis
  • chronic ischemic heart disease
  • states after revascular operations of heart muscle
  • states after surgeries of heart valves
  • states after invasive surgeries in coronary blood stream
  • states after heart transplantations and other heart operations
  • high blood pressure I-III
  • ischemic disease of lower limbs
  • states after phlebitis
  • chronic disease of coronary and lymph system
  • cardiomyopathy
  • congenital and acquired heart defects
  • malfunction of motoric apparatus – vertebrogen painful syndrome

Indication children:

  • diseases of blood circulation
  • arthritis
  • skin diseases, mainly dermatitis

In todays cardiologic spas the rehabilitation of clients with disorders of cardio-vascular system is carried out. This rehabilitation follows recommended procedures of Czech cardiologic association which have been developed in compliance with the recommendations of European standards. In the spa Teplice nad Bečvou there is not a classical treatment when the client goes passively through the spa procedures but it is mainly an active process of intervention to a lifestyle of a person with cardio-vascular problems who is co-operating on his health condition.

The main target of the treatment is to return this way affected client into the working and social status which they had before his illness or to provide such status in the society which uses all functional reserves and ensures the sick person the life maximum even when the body capacities are lowered.

The spa is appropriately equipped for modern rehabilitation with staff and also with apparatus so that the cliet could be after thorough preliminary examination integrated into the curative process according to his recent health condition. Clinical consideration of the condition requires also to carry out some purely special cardiologic examinations as a load ECG test, echogram examination and possibly also monitoring techniques. On the other hand we also try to involve our clients actively because without mutual co-operation and understanding the spa cardio rehabilitation would not bring the expected effect.

After evaluation of the health condition and determination of the individual risk a curative plan is suggested to our client which includes both dietary measures/defining of diet type/ and also regime measures/ defining the degree and type of movement activity/. If there is a presence of some associated illness by the client e.g. of motoric apparatus it is possible to make him a suggestion of some curative methods electrotherapy, water or warmth cure which spa Teplice nad Bečvou also disposes of.

We provide a complex spa treatment with the use of most up-to-date curative methods and balneo therapeutic aids.
To ensure fruitfulness of your curative stay, each patient goes through a preliminary cardiologic examination. These examinations, which are after consideration recommended by the doctor to each client individually, help the best to diagnose the causes of your health problems and to recommend the right way  of the treatment to you.

  • preliminary medical examination aimed at cardio-vascular system
  • biochemic blood examination to detect the risk factors, without the common examination there is determination of homocysteine level in blood
  • spirometry - echogram examination
  • quiescent ECG examination
  • load ECG examination
  • Holter monitoring of ECG
  • Holter monitoring of blood pressure
  • spiroergometry
  • Polar walking test

On the basis of executed medical examinations and taking account of individual indication of the patient, the doctor will prescribe suitable curative procedures. This is a group of curative and regime measures in the lifestyle of the ill person following a heart attack or a medical help of an interventional cardiologist or a cardio surgeon which slow unfavourable progress of already started illness with the tendency to prevent recurrence of acute attack.

The most important curative procedures in our spa are those which require active approach of the patient. Frequent movement and exercising have favourable effect on the body and also psyche. So called aerobic exercising has a very favourable effect on your heart. This means cyclic exercising carried out by certain optimal heart rate several times a week – regularly and longtime.

Group and individual curative physical training
Includes general conditional exercising aimed at particular infliction of patients.

Practice ergometry – Tunturi

Monitored practice ergometry - Ergoline Reha System
The patients train by the supervision of the health team, the heart rate recommended by the doctor after the preliminary examination of the health condition of the patient is checked regularly.

Walking in terrain with Polar pulse monitoring
While walking on flat ground: stable pace.
While walking uphill: slow down the pace, shorten the length of step and limit the movement of upper limbs. In case it is necessary stay breathing.
While walking downhill: speed up the pace and movement of hands alongside the body as if running.

Kardio fit route
A flat route enables stable loading of heart by stable walking pace. This serves for the preliminary examination of heart reaction to loading and for training of optimum pace of walking for health program. During the curative stay fulfil the „Walking for health“ program at this circuit.
The route can be recommended to all the clients even with BMI in the area of obesity and also for clients with occurence of ischemic changes in the area 50 – 60 of the maximum pulse reserve. Route A – yellow marking, length of route 1923 m, total degree of incline 27 m.
The first part of the route is flat 0 – 900 m. The second part is dissected with degree of incline 23 m with considerable loading of heart (fluctuating of pulse frequency values 20 – 30 pulses, increasing of Watt loading by approximately 75 w against the loading when walking on flat ground. Change in dynamics of walking necessary – noticeably slow down walking uphill). The third part of the route downhill – decrease of pulse frequency, possible to increase the pace of walking. The route can be recommended to all clients with the tolerance limit up to 60 % of maximum pulse reserve without any evidence of heart ischemy, with values of BMI in the normal and obesity area without considerable appearance of lower limbs and backbone joints soreness.

Route B – green marking, length of route 2987 m, total degree of incline 20 m.
The first part of the route is flat 0 – 620 m. The second part of the route is uphill 620 – 920 m with the degree of incline 20 m. The third part is downhill 920 – 1200 m and the fourth part of the route is flat 1200 – 2987 m with the degree of incline 5 m before the end of the route. The route can be recommended to clients with the tolerance 50 – 60 % of maximum pulse reserve without any evidence of heart ischemy, with the values of BMI in the normal and obesity area without considerable functional disorders of sustentacular motoric system in the area of lower limbs and backbone joints.

Route C – blue marking, length of route 1923 m, total degree of incline 70 m
The first part of the route is a short flat stage 150 m, afterwards evident upgoing with changes in the upgoing profile 150 – 894 m. The second part of the route is a slight decline as far as the end. The route can be recommended as an outing route for the clients with the tolerance of BMI values in the normal area, by the clients with BMI values in the area of obesity with the tolerance of loading 70 % of maximum pulse reserve without any evidence of heart ischemy.


  • clients with BMI in the area of obesity even by the tolerance 70 % of maximum pulse reserve without any evidence of heart ischemy.
  • Clients with BMI in the area of overweight even by the tolerance of loading approximately up to 65 % of maximum pulse reserve.
    Clients with sore lower limbs and backbone joints.

Water cure:

- CO2 carbonated baths

An important treatment resource, for which the spa Teplice is sought-after, are baths in a unique natural healing source – alcalic mineral water with high contents of carbon dioxide and its stable temperature of 22,5 degrees Celsius. The carbon dioxide is absorbated through the skin into the blood circulation and it is the best resource to widen blood vessels. 8 PHOTO. In our spa the mineral water springs in great depths and it is collected by three rich springs. The first one Kropáč on the left side of the river Bečva rises from the depth of 60,5 m, the second one Galaš spring below the curative house Slovenka rises from the depth of 143 m and the third Jurik spring above the spa sanatorium Janáček rises from the depth of 101,8 m. The mineral water of 22,5 degrees Celsius is brought directly into balneologic baths of spa sanatoriums Moravan, Janáček, Bečva and Radost where it is heated to 33-35 degrees Celsius and used for complete baths.

- CO2 gas bath

In our spa dry carbonic baths are given where again carbon dioxide obtained from our natural curative source is used for its vasodilatation effect. The carbon dioxide is heavier than the air, it behaves like water and therefore the baths modified for sitting are filled with it. The treatment evokes pleasant feeling of warmth and with some patients also lowering of pain perceiving. After application you can find slight reddening of skin. The gas baths do not have such effect as CO2 carbonic baths but the advantage is the possibility to use it with patients with impaired integrity of skin.

- classical partial and complete massage

Massage is an excellent device to relax stiff muscles, releave stress and also psychic relaxation. By the massage capillary tubes are widened and the skin turns red because the promotion of the blood circulation is increased. The classical massages are suitable for the patients with spine and joints ache, to relax muscles and for psychic relaxation. This procedure takes 15 minutes.

- underwater hand massage

Intensive complete massage by a stream of water of 35 – 38 degrees Celsius applied by the masseur using a jet in a massage hose. It helps to releave the muscle tension, to soothe pain of joints and the right promotion of blood circulation. The underwater massage takes 15 min, following by 15 min of rest in a pack.

- whirlpool foot bath

Partial bath for lower limbs, water of 36 – 38 degrees Celsius is whirled with the use of water turbine. The bath increases the blood circulation in the limbs, local metabolism and at the same time it activates skin receptors. - whirlpool complete body bath A bath filled up to ¾ by water of temperature 36 – 38 degrees Celsius whirled by a water turbine, is effective for the body by its temperature and its fine massage caused by whirling of water.

- rotational foot bath

This is an active movement in tubs, in one of them there is temperature 40 – 46 degrees Celsius, in the second one there is 10 – 16 degrees Celsius, height of the water column is 20 – 25 cm. The patient starts the procedure in the hot water, after 1 – 2 minutes he oversteps into the cold water for about half a minute which repeats 10 times. The procedure ends in the cold water.

- Hauffe hand bath

A thermal procedure means that the patient plunges his hands up to the elbows into the tubs with water of 36 gedrees Celsius, he is wrapped in a sheet and covered by another one. The water up to the temperature of 42 degrees Celsius is allowed. After the procedure the patient has a rest in a pack and subsequently he has a shower.

- Scotch showers

The most radical of the rotational procedures , it represents mostly application of cold water even though the application of warm water predominates. It is carried out by a water jet from a jet under pressure of 3 atmospheres from the distance of at least 3 m. We start with a warm shower (38 – 42 degrees Celsius) for the period of 30 seconds, a cold shower follows (16 – 18 degrees Celsius) for the period of 10 seconds. The alternation repeats a few times and the procedure is completed by cold water. The water massages lower and upper limbs and finally the body en face and from behind. The result of the whole application is the feeling of warm skin, stimulation of heart function and increase of metabolism.

Application of warmth and cold

- ingredient baths – mud packs

A type of warmth cure which is carried out by repeated application of peloid on a part of body in a form of packs. Peloid is applied in the way that required quantity of pack mixture of 38 – 48 degrees Celsius is applied directly on skin in the prescribed area in the layer 3 – 5 cm. The patient lies for 15 – 30 min with applied peloid in a pack which usually consists of a plastic foil and a wollen cover.

- paraffin and parafango

packs A warmth cure carried out by application of paraffin compresses in a liquid state. During the change of paraffin from a liquid to a solid form we use the created warmth. Parafango is a pure hard paraffin which is mixed with mud from North Italian volcanic lakes. It contains various mineral substances, e.g. carbonates, iron, calcium and sulphur compounds.

- kryotherapy

A cold therapy, complete but especially local withdrawal of body warmth. Application of cold compresses has an analgetic effect.


It takes the advantage of curative effects of various electric energy forms.

- iontophoresis

This is an electrotherapy which enables through electrolythic effect of galvanic current to apply curative substances into the surface layers of skin or mucosas with the help of ions.

- galvanization

With the aid of direct current this procedure improves the disorders of blood circulation and decreases pain. By the application the patient can feel tingling, prickling and slight warmth.

- diathermy

It brings a high frequency energy deep into tissue. It widens vessels, enhances total striking power, has analgetic effects and relaxation effect on transversally stripped muscles. It improves function of some organs by direct heating.

- sollux

Local warmth of infrared radiator is used by frontal and jaw cavity inflammation or for pre-heating before traction, by lumbaglia... The infrared radiation is applied from 10 – 20 cm distance from the source either by red or blue filter for the period of 10 – 20 min, eyes of the patient are protected.

- sun lamp

It uses specific spectrum of UV radiation of artificial source. It is applied from a device in the distance of 1 m on the whole body, eyes of the patient are protected. According to the condition of skin pigmentation the first dose is not longer than 2 minutes and it increases up to 10 – 12 min.

- diadynamic currents

Above all they have analgetic effects, according to the prescription of a doctor the mentioned type of current is applied through laid and underlaid electrode, the intensity is chosen according to subjective tolerance of the patient.

- interference currents

Vacuum electrodes are used to increase the effect, the period of application is then shorter, the intensity of the current is chosen according to subjective tolerance of the patient. The indications are mainly chronic inflammation and degenerate ilnesses of motoric apparatus.

- Traebert stimulant currents

- ultrasound

This is a treatment with the aid of sound. We place a contact device on the given area, set the intensity and time of action, we pass the head over a painful area. Mostly it is indicated by joint and vertebrogen problems.

- magnetotherapy

The procedure uses the curative effect of magnets. The effects of magnetic field are used for the treatment of pain, inflammation, magnetotherapy has healing effects. Calming up to falling asleep occurs immediately after the treatment.

The whole range of curative procedures are amended by:

- oxygenotherapy

Treatment with the aid of oxygenotherapy is a curative treatment which is based on inhalation of oxygen mix. A higher concentration of oxygen helps the blood circulation in tissue, energizes and regenerates all the cells in the body. On the whole this treatment has a beneficial effect on the whole organism and you will feel fresh.

- inhalation

- vacuo compression instrument therapy

The therapy is based on evoking of local passive hyperaemia by means of partial vacuum with the aim of maximum opening of vessel bed and formation of collaterals. This is a passive training of vessels and it is mainly used in the cases when the seriousness of infliction limits the possibility of active therapy.

- reflexive massages, bioptron lamps which show success by healing of wounds and scars, rehabilitation swimmimg bath but also fitness centre and sauna which can be used by our patients.

Dietary Regime:

A very important component of a sucessful curative stay is according to principles of healthy nutrition is a balanced meal. A right composed menu is one of the principles of healthy nutrition and it is an inseparable part of heart physiotherapy. Our specialists – doctors, diet and nutrition advisors will compose your diet according to your needs. In our sanatoriums we serve many types of diets and their combinations according to the health condition of our patients and clients. Appart from a rational nutrition there are diets:

  • 4 sparing
  • 7 antisclerotic
  • 8 lowering
  • 9 diabetic
  • 11 individual nutrition

We provide a successful treatment also by educational programs in the scope of which the clients are informed about difficulties of their existing health condition and about the way to improve all most efficiently.

One of the major risk factor of ischemic disease which can be influenced is smoking which is a contra indication of treatment in our spa. Though for the patients – continuing smokers – we have in our offer a consulting room for unteaching of smoking under the direction of MUDr. Věra Mrázová. In the consulting room after an examination and evaluation of the state of addiction an individual solution of abstinence will be suggested. For successful unteaching a co-operation of the patient is however on the first place.

Spa services: Spa Hotel / House, Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Hour nurse service, Oxygen therapy, Open-air therapy, hiking trips, Electrotherapy, Magneto-therapy, Dietary therapy, Therapeutic physical training in swimming pool, Therapeutic physical training, Massages, Underwater massages, Reflexology, Natural additive baths, Salt cave, Vacushape, Cryotherapy, Solux, Ultrasound, Stimulation currents - impulsoterapie, Hydrotherapy

Examination procedures: EKG

Natural therapeutic sources: Carbon dioxide water

Treating diseases of indication: Circulation organs, heart and vascular diseases, Metabolism disorders and disorders of internal secretion glands, Motion organs, Diabetes melitus



Congress services:
Video , Data projector, DVD player, Flipchart

Capacity for conferences:
Congress Hall No. 1 (Seating capacity 70)

Lounge no.1 (Seating capacity 10)

Lounge no.2 (Seating capacity 30)

Conference Room No.1 jídelna (Seating capacity 160)

Conference Room No.2 kavárna (Seating capacity 60)

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