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The goal for every company should be a satisfied client. And we add - a healthier client. Just as the empirical scientific studies confirm substantiated healing effect of the Jachymov radon water also our questionnaires regularly declare the improvement of our clients’ health.

Jáchymov Spa stands for uniqueness: Most of our clients pay repeated visits to our spa. It is not unsual when clients returns twenty or even thirty-times; a record holds a client, who visited Jáchymov fifty-times. This allows us to say that that we know our clients perfectly and they know us. Let’s get acquainted and I believe you will also like coming back to us. On behalf of the entire staff of Jáchymov Health Spa Company I take the liberty to invite you to visit us.

The spa hotel RADIUM PALACE is located amidst a large park and has the impression of a beautiful pearl necklace among the trees. The building of Radium Palace was built in 1912 on the site of the original inn on the initiative of the Vienna stock company headed by Count Arnošt Tarrouc. In its time, Radium Palace was one of the most modern spa hotels in Central Europe. The spa hotel has tried to keep its quality up to this day.

At the turn of the year 2016/17 the hotel was under reconstruction. The medical, accommodation, and restaurant areas were updated.

The hotel has a total of 160 stylish single, double, and triple rooms which are divided into 5 categories:
Apartments, Superior Plus, Superior, Juniorsuite, and I.A. 4 rooms are wheelchair accessible and rooms on the 5th floor are air-conditioned (Juniorsuite category).

Room Equipment
All rooms are equipped with a shower or bath, bathrobe, hairdryer, toilet, satellite TV, minibar, safe, and telephone. Cot is available free of charge.

Description of Categories
Rooms of the categories differ in size.

Suite Madame Curie, Premium a Standard: Comfortably furnished and spacious rooms with a lounge and view of the valley, satellite TV, minibar, clock radio, telephone, safe, Wi-Fi, and comfortable bathroom with a bath, toilet, bidet, hairdryer, and bathrobe. These services include meals in the à la carte Modrá restaurant and 0.7 l of the water Vincentka every day to your room for free.

Superior Plus: Airy and spacious rooms with a view of the valley, bathroom with a bath, toilet, bidet, hairdryer, bathrobe, satellite TV, minibar, clock radio, telephone, safe, and free Wi-Fi. These services include meals in the à la carte Modrá restaurant and 0.7 l of the water Vincentka every day to your room for free.

Superior: Comfortably furnished and spacious room with a view of the valley, bathroom with a shower or bath, toilet, bidet or a bidet shower, hairdryer, bathrobe, satellite TV, Wi-Fi access, telephone, clock radio, minibar, and safe.

Juniorsuite: Two smaller rooms (bedroom and living room) are not separated by a door, bathroom (a bath or shower), toilet, hairdryer, bathrobe, telephone, satellite TV, clock radio, minibar, safe, and Wi-Fi access.

I.A: Rooms are equipped with a shower or bath, toilet, hairdryer, bathrobe, telephone, satellite TV, radio, minibar, safe, and Wi-Fi access.

Type of rooms
1 bedroom2 bedroomApartmentHandicap

Furnishings of rooms: bathtub, shower, toilet in room, safe, frige, TV, telefon, sat tv, minibar, hairdryer, WI-FI, bathrobe

Basic information: lift, barrier-free Access, exchange, Information service, medical services to hand, non-smoking rooms, safety box, reserved parking Lot, massage salon, pets allowed, cafe, bar, outdoor patio, restaurant, fitness, non-smoking throughout

Recommended travel route by bus: Karlovy Vary - Jáchymov

Accessibility of facility:

Name of centre: (10 m)

Bus terminal name: (250 m)

Store: (200 m)

Spa services:


It is a specific natural health resource that makes a certain locality a health resort. There are climatic spa resorts, spa resorts with springs of thermal mineral water, mud spa resorts etc. Léčebné lázně Jáchymov a.s. is absolutely unique and different in terms of its natural healing resource. It cures by means of radon water that, unlike other resources, does not have chemical effects, but energetic ones.

A unique source of these natural resources is a mine in Jáchymov, which is still functional, the oldest one in Bohemia and probably also in Europe. It arose in 1518 and there are springs of radon water on its twelfth level, at a depth of 500 m under ground, which are called, for example, after academician Běhounek or Marie Curie – Sklodowska.

Water of these springs is collected in the reservoir on the 12th level and drawn from here to a height of 400 m into a storage reservoir on Barbora level. Radon water is then let down from the reservoir to Daniel level, and there it is conducted in the pipe line in a total length of approximately 3000 m into individual balneological operations.

Indications: Diseases of Movement System , Inflammatory – rheumatoid arthritis, spondylitis, ancylosing spondylitis - Bechterew disease, psoriatic arthropathy , Degenerative States – after arthritis or polyarthritis, traumatic conditions following the injuries of locomotor organs, degenerative diseases of extremities, joints and spine, extraarticular rheumatism, Dupuytren contracture , System – sclerodermia, system lupus, myositis , Other – post-traumatic conditions, condition after orthopaedic and rheuma-orthopaedic surgeries, and surgeries of peripheral nervous system including replacements , Peripheral Nervous System Diseases neuralgia, neurithis with any rheumatic diseases, radicular neuralgia of inflammatory and traumatic origin. Metabolic Diseases typically neurithis accompanying diabetes and any joint affection, the disorders of metabolism (gout e. g.) , Osteoporosis Programme

Contraindications: acute infectional diseases , active T.B. , severe cardiomalacia , acute and subacute psychogenic diseases

Further is the Radon Therapy not suitable for: pregnant women (for them any spa therapy is not suitable) , certain restrictions apply for children and the adolescents , patients with the Thyroid Gland Hyperfunction , patients within 2 years after a tumor surgery or therapy

Spa services: Spa Sanatorium, Spa

Therapeutic procedures: Complete in-house therapy, Drinking regime, Oxygen therapy, Open-air therapy, hiking trips, Medicinal cosmetics, Inhalation, Electrotherapy, Magneto-therapy, Climato-therapy, Dietary therapy, Gas injections, Paraffin therapy, Therapeutic physical training in swimming pool, Therapeutic physical training, Bubble baths, Massages, Underwater massages, Reflexology, Natural thermal baths, Natural radon baths, Salt cave, Hydrotherapy, Baths

Examination procedures: Entry and exit examination by physician

Natural therapeutic sources: Radon water, Climato-therapy - Alpine atmosphere

Treating diseases of indication: Circulation organs, heart and vascular diseases, Motion organs, Post-operative states, states after personal accidents and convalescence, Skin diseases and burns, Bechterev disease

Other types of therapy: Sleep, Relaxation walks, Climato-therapy


Description of restaurant: SPA Jáchymov - Meals: In our restaurants, / Francouzská, Mramorová, Zrcadlová, Malá / we serve both Czech and foreign cuisine. Breakfast is served in the form of buffet style. For lunch, there is available a cold buffet and a choice of 6 hot dishes of which 2 are dietary meals and 1 is vegetarian. For dinner, we offer a cold buffet and a choice of 6 hot dishes of which 1 is dietary and 1 vegetarian. All hot meals are served by the staff. In the Modrá restaurant, which belongs to the Apartment and Superior Plus category, we serve à la carte dishes. According to the available capacity, it is possible to purchase meals in this restaurant for a fee of 590 CZK.


Sport activity opportunities:
Swimming-pool, Centre winter sports (5 km), Ski routes, Bike routes

Capacity for conferences:

Accommodation Price-list:

Date1 bedroom2 bedroomApartmentApartmentApartmentApartment
1.1-31.12207014801830 (JUNIORSUITE)2300 (SUPERIOR)2980 (SUPERIOR PLUS)3770 (Suite Standard)

Currency: CZK

Price includes:
Sale/ payments: Prices include breakfast, accommodation and tourist fees per person / night

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SPA Jáchymov SPA Hotel Radium PalaceSPA Jáchymov SPA Hotel Radium PalaceSPA Jáchymov SPA Hotel Radium Palace
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